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Here's what you can expect when applying for a Refinance

  • Application
  • Personal Information and Documetation
  • Appraisal
  • Underwriting
  • Closing Costs
  • Timeline
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  • The first step is to complete a refinance application

Follow this link to the refinance tab to get started. Apply Here!


  • What Documents Can You Expect to Provide To Your Lender?

Most recent pay check stubs covering a 30 day period
Your latest pay stubs will not only show a gross monthly income but will also show a year to date total verifying your income

Your last two years W2 forms from the previous two years.

Copies of your past few months bank statements.
Most lenders will ask for two month’s of bank statements but your lender may want to see three so throwing in a few extra months cannot hurt.

*If you are self-employed, provide your past two years of income tax returns. Both business and personal tax returns in addition to year to date P&L (Profit and loss) statements.

**All borrowers that will be on the loan application will be required to provide this information. This information pertains to your standard conventional loans. 

Statement only, Asset only, P&L only and other loan types will have different document requirements. 


  • You will see the following closing costs on your settlement statement which may be able to be negotiated. These fees may be different for VA Loans, Jumbo, Super Jumbo and other loan types.
  • Application Fee
  • The application fee is an upfront fee that covers the cost for the lender to accept and process a loan file.
  • Appraisal Fee
  • This charge goes to an appraiser who will provide a written report regarding the current market value of your home by comparing recent sales of similar homes in your area.
  • Inspection fee
  • The inspection fee is a pass through fee that you will be paid directly to an inspector. The inspector will perform a thorough inspection of the subject property.
  • Title fee
  • Title insurance is required to protect both the owners and the lender from any unrecorded claims of ownership against the property that may come up after closing.
  • Insurance
  • Homeowner’s insurance is typically required by the lender and protects the owner and lender against a loss due to natural disasters such as wind, fire, hail or other natural disasters.
  • Closing fee
  • The closing fee pays a settlement agent who is responsible for making sure that your loan documents are executed and in proper order according to the lender’s specific instructions.

How Long Does it Take to Refinance a House?

  • Refinancing your existing mortgage doesn’t take any longer than receiving an approval for a purchase money mortgage. In most cases, a refinance takes less time if the existing loan qualifies for streamline status.
  • With a streamline loan qualifying from streamline status, your loan could close in as short as 14 days. The faster all of the correct information is submitted properly, the quicker the underwriter can get your loan underwritten for approval and submit the loan papers to your closer. Timelines will be affected by your lenders own timelines. If you have any urgency or extenuating circumstances relay them to your lender.


  • Lock your rate as soon as your lender will allow! It is typically not a good idea to wait and lock in your interest rate. If you decide to wait, interest rates could go up. It is a possibility that they can raise to the point where you are no longer qualified. If you have a competitive rate that you are happy with, move forward and lock that rate in. A lender will need you to lock in your rate so they can prepare your closing docs.

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