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Best Investment Loans 2023

Best Investment Loans 2023

Amidst rising mortgage rates, finding the best loans for investment property is crucial for the success of a real estate business in 2023. How you finance the purchase of a rental property is always important as it affects the size of the investment, which in turn impacts the rate of return. However, it has become even more important in recent months as a result of rising interest rates, making the financing of investment properties more expensive.

What Is an Investment Property Loan?

An investment property loan is money that you borrow to finance the purchase of a property that you buy for investment purposes, which makes it different from your primary home. Usually, the investment property is a long-term or short-term/Airbnb rental property.

However, sometimes, investors also borrow money to finance house flipping projects or even real estate development projects. Real estate investors have more loan options available to them than homebuyers. While the latter is generally limited to conventional mortgage loans and their variations, property investors can tap into significantly more types of financial resources.


Is It Advisable to Take Out a Loan to Buy an Investment Property?

Taking out a loan to buy an investment property is not just a necessity in most cases but enables you to leverage your capital to build your wealth faster. The majority of investors, especially beginners, do not have enough saved capital to purchase an entire rental property out of pocket. So, most investors need to resort to the money of other financiers or other investors. After maturing and building their portfolios most investors leverage their funds by borrowing the money to purchase faster than they would otherwise be able.

Indeed, it’s one of the most significant benefits of investing in real estate. You can use the money of others to make money for yourself in the short term (through rental income) and in the long term (through real estate appreciation).



Having said that, you must proceed with caution when taking out a loan and always search for the best loans for investment property. Some factors to take into account include the loan type, loan term, loan structure, interest rates, and the financing institution (a bank or another lending organization). The right loan type and structure are crucial as financing plays a major role in most measures of return on investment in real estate. It also affects the feasibility and stability of your rental business.

Best Loan Types for Investment Property

Now that you know taking out a loan is advisable for buying an investment property, let’s explore the best loan types for investment property in 2023. Each loan type has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it’s important to choose the one that best suits your needs and financial situation. Here are the seven best loan types for investment property:

Conventional Mortgage Loan

The first type of loan that real estate investors have access to is the conventional mortgage loan. This investment loan is usually borrowed from a bank, which can be a large national bank or a small local bank. Conventional mortgage loans can be divided into fixed-rate mortgages (FRM) and adjustable-rate mortgages (ARM).

With a fixed-rate mortgage, you agree to pay the initially set interest rate for the rest of the loan duration. On the other hand, with an adjustable-rate mortgage, the interest rate might be changed in a few years to reflect the current situation in the mortgage market.

Conventional mortgage loans offer many benefits for real estate investors. They provide various options in terms of terms, structures, and other factors, allowing investors to adapt the loan to the specific needs of the rental property they are purchasing. Most mortgage lenders are reputable banks, and conventional mortgages can be used for both long-term and short-term rental properties. They also provide access to the best markets for real estate investing without geographical restrictions.

However, conventional mortgage loans also have some drawbacks. They require a sizable down payment, usually at least 20% of the property price. The interest rates on conventional mortgages can be high, especially with the recent increase in mortgage rates. Additionally, there are credit score requirements, and qualifying for a conventional mortgage loan can be harder for investors compared to homeowners.

Hard Money Loan

Hard money lenders provide loans that are short-term, non-conforming loans that come from private individuals or companies. They are not traditional financing options offered by banks. Hard money loans are often used for house flipping projects but can also be used to buy investment properties for rental purposes. provides hard money loans nationwide. You can always go to the specific state site ex. hard money lender tampa or if in Texas Hard Money Lender Texas.


Hard money loans provide flexibility in terms of down payment requirements and credit score requirements. They have easier qualification requirements compared to conventional mortgages. However, hard money loans come with high interest rates, potentially high down payment requirements, short repayment periods, and the risk of losing the investment property if the loan cannot be repaid.

Hard Money Loan Lender is a great resource if you are looking for more information on hard money loans.

Private Money Loan

Private money loans are loans from private individuals or companies. They are even more flexible and have fewer strict requirements compared to hard money loans. Private money loans are highly customized and negotiated between the borrower and the lender.


Private money loans offer flexibility in terms and conditions, loose eligibility requirements, quick approval, and easy repetition for building a real estate investment portfolio. However, they may have high down payment requirements, high interest rates, short repayment periods, high risk, and lack of national reputation compared to traditional bank loans.

How to Find an Investment Property

Finding a good investment property is crucial for the success of your real estate investment business. Here are the steps to find top-performing long-term and short-term rental properties:

Step 1: Find the Best Market for Real Estate Investing

The first step is to identify the best market for real estate investing. This includes researching the state, city, and neighborhood to find the most suitable location for your investment strategy. Mashvisor’s real estate heatmap tool can help you locate the top neighborhoods based on listing prices, rental income, cash on cash return, and Airbnb occupancy rate.

Step 2: Locate a Top Rental Property for Sale

Once you have identified the best market, you can start searching for available rental properties for sale. Mashvisor’s investment property search engine allows you to filter listings based on market, budget, financing option, property type, rental income, and return on investment. You can conduct detailed rental property analysis using Mashvisor’s investment property calculator to evaluate the investment potential of each property.

Step 3: Figure Out the Best Loan for Investment Property for You

After selecting potential investment properties, it’s important to determine the best loan type for your investment. Mashvisor’s mortgage calculator allows you to adjust variables such as down payment, mortgage type, loan term, and interest rate to find the best loan options for your investment property.

Step 4: Hire an Agent

Working with a real estate agent is highly recommended, especially if you are not experienced in negotiating and closing real estate deals. An agent can help you optimize your investment results and navigate the buying process.

Getting Started With the Best Loans for Investment Property in 2023

In conclusion, finding the best loans for investment property is crucial for the success of your real estate investment business in 2023. The seven loan types typically available for investment property include conventional mortgage loans, FHA loans, VA loans, hard money loans, private money loans, HELOCs, and crowdfunding. Each loan type has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to choose the one that best suits your needs and financial situation. The ones detailed above are for serious investors looking to leverage their funds to build wealth.

To find a top-performing investment property, you can use Mashvisor’s real estate investing platform. It provides comprehensive real estate market data, property listings, and investment property analysis tools. With Mashvisor, you can quickly and confidently find the best investment properties and secure the right financing option for your real estate investment business in 2023.

Remember, conducting thorough research, analyzing the numbers, and seeking professional advice are essential steps to make informed decisions in real estate investing. Loan officers at are available to help you on your way. Good luck in your investment journey!

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Best Investment Loans 2023

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