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Bridge Loans for Real Estate Investors

Bridge loans provide short term financing with fewer guidelines that allow for faster closings. If you are looking to invest in real estate and are coming to a private money lender like, you have come to the right place.

What is a Bridge Loan?

A bridge loan is defined as a short-term real estate loan that can bridge the gap until conventional financing or a sale can transpire.  

Bridge loans can close faster than bank loans, conventional or term loans. Bridge loans are great for Real Estate Investors because not only does it close quickly, providing an advantage for an investor to get in contract over another that may not be able to close as fast.  

The underwriting guidelines for a bridge loan are also easier,  therefore there is much less underwriting and documentation needed.


Real Estate Bridge loans are temporary loans (typically 12, 24 or 36 months),they are secured by an asset (typically real estate).  Bridge lenders will typically grant a loan extension over an initial term of 6 months to a year for an additional fee. Ask your lender to include an extension provision just to manage the unexpected., a division of Cambridge Capital Partners, LLC. is the #1 Bridge lender in the country, providing bridge loans for borrowers nationwide. 

Like a typical Bridge Loan, which is a short term loan, the same structure and outline can be utilized on Commercial properties in a Commercial Bridge Loan. This type of loan can also be a valuable tool for purchase or refinance of office buildings, hotels, retail property, and multifamily housing including apartment complexes. 

What is a Hard Money Bridge Loan?

A Hard Money Bridge Loan is simply a short-term loan secured by real estate. These type of loans are a form of asset based lending for real estate investors – where private money lenders are primarily concerned with the property’s value rather than the borrower’s credit scores or what’s in the borrower’s bank account.

Whether you are looking for a commercial real estate loan or a residential real estate loan, a Hard Money Bridge Loan bridges the gap between those who do not have the ability to go to the bank due to less than perfect credit. Borrowers can still realize their dream of become a successful real estate entrepreneur. Where the banks  have tightened up their underwriting requirements and have made it even more difficult to qualify for a loan, hard money and private equity lenders like can get you closed quickly.


Bridge Loan For Real Estate Investors

BRIDGE loan for real estate investors

Up To 90% of the Purchase, 100% Of the Rehab
Bridge Loans and Hard Money Loans to Grow 
Your Real Estate Portfolio.


Why Should You Use a Bridge Loan?

  • It’s Faster & Easier than a conventional loan : A bridge loan has short-term financing (12-24 or 36 month financing terms) for real estate investors, who prefer to borrow both the purchase and/or rehab of their investment property  A Fix and Flip or fix to rent investment loan (also Bridge Loans) or a Cash Out Refinance loan, which can be a bridge loan or a longer term loan and with todays interest rates is much better than using your own cash to close.

  • Fast Access to Funds: With other loan types, there are qualifications that restrict you from getting access to those funds. With a Bridge Loan there is a lower underwriting guidelines and less paperwork that allow you to faster access to funds.

  • For Every Type of Real Estate Investor: A Bridge Loan is a great solution for any real estate investor – at all experience levels. Those that don’t qualify for a conventional loan can qualify for a bridge loan.

  • Options for all types of Properties: With a bridge loan from, the financing for your investment property can be structured and executed on with ease.


Bridge Loan Summary Terms

Property Types:   Investment Properties

Loan Sizes:          
$100,000 to $250 million
Loan To Value:     Up to 85% (100% value add)
Rates:                   Starting at 4.875%
Term:                    12, 24, 36 month terms
Property Types:   Purchase, Refinance or
                              Cash out refinance!
Interest:                Interest Only Payment
Payoff:                  No Pre-Payment Penalty



Bridge Loan!  Fast Close!
Close 5 days from receipt of due diligence

Asset Backed Lender

Asset-based lending is a type of lending where the loan is secured by an asset. This means, if the loan is defaulted on, ie.. is not repaid, the asset can be taken. This is an example of an asset-based loan. Bridge Loans for real estate borrowers are a form of asset backed loans. 

Working with an asset backed lender like on a bridge loan allows you to more easily qualify based on the value or the future value of a property. Where a more conventional mortgage focuses on many other factors that a principal borrower may not be able to qualify for, a bridge loan backed by an asset has much more lenient underwriting and may be more easily obtained. 

Utilizing a bridge loan for investment real estate can be strategic when approached with careful planning and consideration. Here are some of the best ways to leverage a bridge loan effectively:

Property Acquisition: Bridge loans are ideal for swiftly acquiring investment properties, especially when traditional financing options are not available or too time-consuming. Investors can use bridge loans to secure properties that require immediate capital or are distressed, undervalued, or off-market opportunities.

Value-Add Projects: Investors can use bridge financing to fund value-add initiatives aimed at improving the performance and marketability of investment properties. This includes renovations, upgrades, repositioning efforts, and other value-enhancing projects that can increase the property’s cash flow, rental income, and overall value.

Bridge to Permanent Financing: Bridge loans can serve as a temporary financing solution to bridge the gap between the acquisition of a property and securing long-term financing, such as a mortgage or permanent loan. This allows investors to quickly close on a property and then refinance with more favorable terms once the property stabilizes or appreciates in value.

Opportunistic Investments: Bridge loans enable investors to capitalize on time-sensitive investment opportunities that require immediate funding, such as distressed sales, foreclosure auctions, or off-market deals. By providing quick access to capital, bridge financing allows investors to act swiftly and seize lucrative investment opportunities before competitors.

Seasoning a Property: Investors can use bridge loans to season a property before refinancing with permanent financing. This involves improving the property’s income and occupancy levels, enhancing its financial performance, and increasing its market value over a short period. Once the property has been seasoned, investors can refinance with more favorable long-term financing options.

Short-Term Holding Periods: Bridge loans are suitable for investment strategies with short-term holding periods, such as fix-and-flip projects or property redevelopment initiatives. Investors can use bridge financing to acquire, renovate, and sell properties within a relatively short timeframe, allowing them to generate quick returns on their investment capital.

Cash Flow Management: Bridge loans can help investors manage cash flow during transitional periods, such as when waiting for income-producing properties to stabilize or waiting for other sources of financing to become available. By providing short-term liquidity, bridge financing ensures that investors have the necessary funds to cover expenses and maintain operations until long-term financing is secured.

Portfolio Expansion: Bridge loans enable investors to expand their real estate portfolios rapidly by facilitating the acquisition of multiple properties within a short timeframe. This can be particularly advantageous in competitive markets or when pursuing growth-oriented investment strategies.

By strategically leveraging bridge loans for investment real estate, investors can capitalize on opportunities, enhance property value, manage cash flow, and optimize their overall investment returns. When ready contact or fill out an application to qualify HERE!


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