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Can You Get A DSCR Loan With No Down Payment?

Can You Get A DSCR Loan With
No Down Payment?




Up To 85% of Purchase Price
Up To 80% on Refinance or Cash Out

Single Family
Apartment Buildings
Commercial Real Estate Loans


If you are an investor or  borrower who prefers NOT to use DTI (Debt to income) criteria or if you are unable to meet the requirements of an conventional loan or dont want to provide tax returns, income or employment, this loan program may be the right one for you.

Can you obtain a DSCR loan without a down payment?

With a DSCR loan you will have to make a down payment. Valor Lending Group has multiple sources that offer as low as 15% down.

What is a DSCR Investment Property Loan?

Sometimes called an “Investment property loan” or “rental loan”, the DSCR investment property loan does not consider a borrower’s income or employment in the traditional sense.

The DSCR Loan mainly focuses on a properties“cash flow” , which is just the monthly rental amount the property brings in.

For example, a property renting for $2,000/month would be attributed a qualifying income of $2,000/month. The main requirement for these investment property loans is that the monthly rents cover the monthly expenses. It is that simple.

Not only is a borrower’s income not considered in the loan application process, DSCR investment property loans do not require personal income, in fact there is no income verification of any kind. No letters from employers, no W2s, and no pay stubs. Again, the income of the investment property is simply the cash flow of the property.


A depository bank or Traditional lender requires tax returns, W-2s, and paycheck stubs in order to determine monthly income. Salaried and hourly borrowers would require the lenders to look at gross income for qualifying purposes. For self employed borrowers, mortgage lenders typically look at net income, the adjusted gross income showing on tax returns. This puts real estate investors and other self employed borrowers at a disadvantage.

However, rental loans are a great way for real estate investors to qualify for both acquisitions and refinances, without requiring bank statements or tax returns, and without having to qualify using a debt to income ratio. Bank statement loans are also a great option for self employed borrowers, the P&L Loan is another loan for self employed borrowers looking to purchase a primary home loan. This loan is as close to a no doc loan as there is. 

Borrowers that fall outside traditional underwriting guidelines but are looking for long term loans with more attractive rates than hard money loans can use the DSCR investment property loan to their advantage. These loans do not require tax returns, income or employment, or debt to income ratio calculations.

DSCR loans provide the flexibility and lessened documentation of hard money loans, but with rates closer to traditional financing.

This is a constantly evolving area of real estate financing that offers a powerful way to grow your real estate portfolio.

So can i get a DSCR Loan with no money down?   In todays market the best leverage we have available is 15% down on a purchase. For a refinance or cash out refinance you can achieve 80% of the as is value. Better than no money down, you get cash back!!

DSCR Investment Property Loan Highlights:

  • No Tax Returns
  • Employment NOT Required
  • No Income Required
  • No Debt to Income Ratio Calculated
  • Cash Flow based on Subject Property rents | if property is vacant upon purchase market rents from the appraisal will be used to calculate DSCR
  • SFR, Condo and 1-4 Unit
  • Maximum Loan $25 Million
  • No limit on Financed Properties 
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