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Golf and Ski Resort client are typically second homes or retirement communities. These clients have discerning tastes and require a different level of no nonsense customer service. CambridgeHomeLoan is here to help.  We pride ourselves in having a loan product to fit every need. For some a conventional loan will work just fine. Others require a Jumbo and even a Super Jumbo home loan. for our Golf home and Ski Resort home loans our loan products go way beyond convention to fill every buyers unique needs.  

Where some folks may want to put down 3.5% others may want to put down 10, 20 or 40% of their purchase price to lower their monthly payments. Still others may want to do a business statement only home loan or even a personal statement only or asset only home loan.  There is even a home loan for foreign nationals with no US credit score. 

To Pre-qualify or to apply for your Golf resort home loan, fill out the form to the right and a loan officer will reach out to you shortly to discuss your loan.

  If your loan is under $3 million dollars you can jump right to the application at Paramount Residential Mortgage Here or by clicking below.  We will be with you for your entire journey from application to closing.

Colorado with its beautiful mountains, amazing golf courses and  skiing is a great place to buy the home or vacation home of your dreams.  For those who truly love the outdoors, Colorado living is for you.  It is not much of a shock the the Colorado housing market is the 7th fastest growing in the country. In recent years, the state had a massive growth of over 80,000 people last year.  This represents a population growth of 1.4%  The was much higher than the national average of .6% according the the Census Bureau.  Colorado which was once rural is rapidly urbanizing and buzzing with life.


Furthermore, the past few years have seen the Colorado economy grow 4.5% year over year according to the BEA Bureau of Economic Analysis. The state added about 72,000 jobs last year which represents a growth of over 2.7% which is also Colorado’s unemployment rate. The national average unemployment rate is 4%.

A Few of Our Home Loan Types

FHA Home Loans 3.5% Down. Up to $484,500. Higher in certain areas.
VA Home Loans Zero Down. Up to $484,500. Higher in certain areas.
Jumbo Home Loans. Over $1 million dollars
Super Jumbo Home Loans. Over $3 million dollars

A Few of Our Home Loan Types

Conventional Home Loans
Asset Only Home Loans
Statement Only Home Loans
Business Statement Home Loans
P&L Home Loans
Fix and Flip Home Loans
Purchase Loans, Refinance and Cash-Out Refinance!

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