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DSCR Loan Lending Services in Palm Bay Florida

DSCR Loan Lending Services in Palm Bay Florida

What is DSCR Loan?

How to take advantage of DSCR Loan Financing in Palm Bay?- The Debt Service Coverage (DSC) is also referred to as the Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR), is the ratio of cash available to lenders for principal, lease and interest payments. 

DSC is utilized by traditional real estate lenders to evaluate an entity’s (corporation, person) capacity to produce enough cash to pay their loan payments within the stipulated time frame. When you apply for DSCR loan financing for your an income property, the lender will first ask your DSC ratio. If your DSC is high, you may be able to get bank financing for your income property.

What does this mean?  DSC tells your lender that your debt service (principal and interest) is covered by the rent that your property produces.

Many investors find great opportunities for investment in leased or vacant properties, however these properties do not have the DSCR required by banks. Investors often partner with reputable hard money lenders in order to secure financing until they stabilize their property and can refinance with a DSCR loan. Once the property is stabilized, the DSCR should be greater that 100% overage or 1:1 ratio… These kinds of financing opportunities are not available with traditional finance lenders.

What is the way that the system of interest reserves work? Criteria for DSCR Loan?

If you have loan payments of $1800 each month and are looking to get a bank loan on an income-producing property. If your property’s rental income is less than $1800, then you won’t be able to get an loan. The bridge loan lenders will help you reserve interest.

Let’s suppose that you have purchased a property which is currently only 50% lease. You’d like to get the loan of an institution, however you do not have enough debt service coverage to get the loan approved. To meet DSC requirements, you approach an established lender who can offer you a loan of $1000, 000 towards your purchase. The lender will deposit $100,000 in an escrow account, to give you the cash you need to make your monthly payments. To make the monthly payments the lender will remove $10,000 out of your account for 10 months.

The owner is searching for potential tenants who can lease the space and the lender is responsible for the monthly mortgage payments. In the majority of cases the property is 100% leased at the end of the 10 months and the borrower has sufficient income for making the loan repayments. Borrowers now have no need to take money out of the reserve for interest for the monthly payment.

What are some of the advantages of using the interest reserve?

It’s much less to buy an empty or 50% leased property. Once the property is 100% leased due to the interest reserve, it’s worth considerably more and also qualifies for a traditional/conventional bank loan. If the owner of the property takes out a refinance of the hard money loan through the bank, they receive a lower traditional bank rate. It is essential to understand that without a reputable and reliable hard money lender, it could be extremely difficult for the owner to acquire the property. This would also mean that he could lose an investment opportunity that is great. Not just Palm Bay, but we are lending all over Florida for DSCR loan.


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