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  • Fix and Flip Investment Loan Program
  • Up to 90% of Purchase
  • 100% of Rehab Provided
  • Fix and Flip Lender
  • Commercial Value Add
  • Ground Up Construction Loans
  • DSCR Rental Loans (Long & Short Term)
  • Cash Out Refinance (BRRRR Experts)
  • Multifamily Rehab Loan
  • Fast Close!


The Best & Fastest Fix and Flip Loan Lender Nationwide!

Revolutionize Your Real Estate Ventures with Your Premier Fix & Flip Loan Partner Nationwide.

Welcome to CambridgeHomeLoan, where we redefine your fix and flip experience as the leading nationwide lender. With a focus on fast processing and a diverse range of real estate ventures, including ground-up construction, multifamily projects, fix-to-rent investments, and value-add properties, we provide tailored Fix & Flip Loans to suit your unique needs and propel your real estate success.

Fix To Rent Loans

    • 1-500+ properties

    • Single-family, 2-4 units, condos, Townhomes, Multifamily

    • 5yr, 7, 10 and 30, 40 year terms

      • Up to 90% of cost

    • Up to 100% of rehab

    • Up to 75% of completed value

    • $70,000 – $250 million

Fix and Flip Loan

    • 1-500+ properties

    • Single-family, 2-4 units, condos, townhomes, multifamily

    • 12 To 24 month terms

      • Up to 90% of cost

    • Up to 100% of rehab

    • Up to 75% of completed value

    • $100,000 – $100 million

MultiFamily Loans /
Commercial Real Estate

        • 1-50+ properties

        • Multifamily, condos, student housing, 
        • mixed use w/ majority residential

        • 12, 24 mo., 5,10,30,40 year terms

        • Up to 100% of cost

      • $500,000 – $250Million

      • Bridge, Construction, Permanent, Refi.

We take an active part in helping our customers achieve their long term goals. Fast closings and refinancing into better rates when it matters. Feel free to contact us with your loan scenario at 800-826-5077. Fix To Rent Loans can be closed in just 5-7 days. If you would like to prepare for your first deal contact us for a soft quote and our due diligence check list.


Fix and Flip Loans & Commercial Real Estate Loans
Made Easy!

Fast Approvals

Streamlined Underwriting
Fast Approval.
Closing in as little as 5 Days.

Easy Process

No Tax Returns Required
No Employment
Easy Process

Quick Closing

28 Years of Experience
Private Equity, Hard Money
Family Office and Insurance Funds

Additional Hard Money Loan Programs

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Taking the first step on the real estate road to passive income and wealth? A rental property loan at a great rate can give you the momentum you need to grow your real estate (Buy, Repair, Rent, Refinance, Repeat (BRRRR) business.

fix and flip loan programs


Looking for a fix to flip or fix to rent bridge loan. Up to 90% of the purchase and 100% of the rehab. Closing as fast as 5 days!
Fix to Flip or Fix to Refi . 30 or 40year DSCR loan Build your passive income stream.

rental loan


Looking to scale your real estate investment portfolio. Cash-out & refinance into a 30 or 40 year loan.. Closing 30 days!
Use your additional capital as a down payment to your next rehab project.

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Looking for a ground up construction loan. Are you a builder or investor building a spec house or a P.U.D.
Discuss your ground up scenario with us today and take advantage of the housing shortage.

Key Features of Fix & Flip Loans from CambridgeHomeLoan:

Swift Processing for Timely Ventures: CambridgeHomeLoan prioritizes speed, ensuring your Fix & Flip Loans are processed swiftly. Whether it’s a fix-to-rent, ground-up construction, or a traditional flip, our streamlined approach expedites your access to capital.

Versatility for Various Projects: As your nationwide Fix & Flip Loan partner, we support diverse real estate ventures. From ground-up constructions to multifamily projects, fix-to-rent investments, and value-add properties, our loans are designed to meet the demands of various projects.

Competitive Terms for Profitable Ventures: Enjoy competitive terms on Fix & Flip Loans tailored to maximize profitability. CambridgeHomeLoan’s commitment to your success ensures that our financing arrangements align with your financial goals.

Expertise in Ground-Up Construction: Embark on ground-up construction projects with confidence. CambridgeHomeLoan’s Fix & Flip Loans are equipped to support the unique financing requirements of building properties from the ground up.

Multifamily Investment Support: Diversify your portfolio with multifamily investments. Our Fix & Flip Loans cater to the specific needs of multifamily projects, ensuring you have the financial backing required for success.

Fix to Rent Investment Opportunities: Seize fix-to-rent opportunities with CambridgeHomeLoan’s specialized financing solutions. Our Fix & Flip Loans accommodate the transition from renovation to long-term rental, supporting a strategic approach to property investment.

Why Choose CambridgeHomeLoan as Your Fix & Flip Loan Partner Nationwide:

Nationwide Coverage: CambridgeHomeLoan serves investors across the nation, offering Fix & Flip Loans tailored to regional market dynamics, ensuring success in diverse real estate landscapes.

Comprehensive Expertise: Benefit from our comprehensive expertise in various real estate projects. From ground-up constructions to multifamily investments, our team understands the nuances of each venture.

Responsive Support: Enjoy responsive customer support, guiding you through the lending process. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring a seamless experience for nationwide fix and flip ventures.

Strategic Financing Solutions: CambridgeHomeLoan’s Fix & Flip Loans are not one-size-fits-all. We provide strategic financing solutions that align with the unique demands of each project, supporting your success in the nationwide real estate market.

Empower your fix and flip ventures nationwide with CambridgeHomeLoan. Choose us as your trusted partner for Fix & Flip Loans, and let our commitment to fast processing, versatile financing, and nationwide expertise be the driving force behind your success in the dynamic real estate market.

Fix and Flip Loan Program Summary

A “fix and flip” loan is a bridge loan or sometimes called a hard money loan used to purchase property with the goal of selling it for a profit or refinancing it to rent once the repairs are completed. A fix and flip loan is works really well in these situations.

  1. When you need to close fast (Our quick close time is 5 days!)
  2. When high leverage or a low down payment is required.
  3. If the property needs funds for renovations.
  4. When you cannot provide verifiable income (no tax returns required).
  5. If the asset is not yet stabilized, leased up, or producing any income.
  6. If you want a short term loan with no prepayment penalty

At CambridgeHomeLoan.com, our fix and flip and fix to rent loans close very quickly… as little as 5 days! Our fix and flip loans and fix to rent investment real estate loans do not require personal income verification and very little documentation! We offer a 100% program and a limited documentation 90% down loan program. Fix and Flip loans are a great way to  leverage your existing capital to generate more income with the ability to close & flip more projects at once utilizing bank funds!  CambridgeHomeLoan.com finances the acquisition and the rehab costs of the project.

Program Summary

Loan Amount:$100,000 – $250 Million
Term Length:12 – 36 Months
Max LTV:100%  (90% Limited Doc)
Rehab:Funded 100%
Amortization:Interest only
Interest Rate:Starting at 6.99%
Closing Time:5 – 14 Days
Loan Use:Purchase, Rehab, Refinance
Cash out refinance

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Quick Closing

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Fast Close for Deal Certain Execution on Your Fix and Flip Loan and Rental Portfolio

Fix and Flip Terms:

  • Up To 90% of the Purchase
  • 100% of The Rehab
  • Up To 75% of ARV
  • No Pre-Payment Penalty
  • Interest Only Payments

Fix and Flip Benefits:

  • Up To 36 Months Interest Only
  • Fix To Rent (BRRRR Friendly)
  • Close As Fast As 5 Days!
  •  Streamlined Paperwork
  • Fast Draw Payments

 We now lend Nationwide!


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