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Flipping Houses In 2023

Finding The Best Houses in the Best Areas

Flipping Houses in 2023: Finding the Best Properties in the Right Area

The real estate flipping market has experienced a surge in popularity as investors seek lucrative returns. However, the success of flipping houses hinges on finding the right property in the right location. In 2023, the real estate market is expected to be highly competitive, making it essential for investors to employ effective strategies for identifying properties with significant potential for flipping. This comprehensive guide will explore the top 10 strategies for finding suitable properties to flip in 2023, as well as highlight the best areas to focus on.

Strategies for Finding Properties to Flip

1. Online Real Estate Marketplaces

Online platforms such as Zillow, Redfin, and provide a wealth of information about properties for sale. Investors can search based on specific criteria like price, location, and number of bedrooms. It’s advisable to focus on areas with a growing population, low unemployment rates, and increasing property values.

2. Real Estate Agents

Working with local real estate agents grants investors access to MLS databases, which provide detailed information on properties for sale. Agents can focus on finding properties in up-and-coming neighborhoods or areas undergoing revitalization.

3. Foreclosure Auctions

Foreclosure auctions offer opportunities to purchase properties below market value. Information on these auctions can be found through local county clerk’s offices or online resources such as

4. Networking

Building a network of real estate investors, contractors, and agents is valuable for staying informed about potential flip properties. Attend local real estate investment clubs, join online forums and social media groups, and connect with other professionals in the industry.

5. Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail campaigns can generate leads and help identify properties for flipping. Investors can send targeted mail offering to purchase properties in specific areas for cash.

6. Tax Sales

Properties with delinquent property taxes may be sold at tax sales. Owners are often motivated to sell quickly to avoid further penalties, making these properties attractive for flipping.

7. Estate Sales

Properties sold as part of estate sales can be priced below market value. Investors should look for properties in good condition and desirable locations. Information on estate sales can be found through local newspapers and online resources like

8. Bank-Owned Properties

Banks often sell properties acquired through foreclosure at discounted prices. Online resources such as RealtyTrac or local banks can provide information on bank-owned properties.

9. Neighborhood Drives

Driving through target neighborhoods allows investors to identify properties in need of updates and renovations. Focus on areas with aging properties, deferred maintenance, and outdated designs.

10. Contacting Private Sellers

Searching for properties on social media or through advertising to private sellers can uncover off-market properties not available through traditional channels.

Factors to Consider When Researching Properties and Neighborhoods

When researching properties and their surrounding neighborhoods, several factors should be considered:

Up-and-coming neighborhoods with a growing population and increasing property values

Areas undergoing revitalization or gentrification Areas with a high concentration of aging properties in need of updates and renovations Areas with low unemployment rates and a growing economy Areas with high foreclosure rates and low property values Properties located around government jobs Neighborhoods with a high concentration of aging populations

Top 5 Cities to Flip Houses in 2023

Based on data from reputable sources like, the National Association of Realtors, and Redfin, the following cities have strong housing markets, economic growth, and plenty of opportunities for house flipping:

1. Atlanta, GA

Atlanta’s growing economy and increased housing demand make it an attractive city for flipping houses. The influx of major tech companies has created job opportunities and drawn new residents, leading to rising median household incomes and demand for housing.

2. Hartford, CT

Hartford’s housing market is influenced by factors like employment growth, economic development, and overall economic health. Consulting with local real estate agents or experts can help identify neighborhoods or areas with the best flipping opportunities.

3. El Paso, TX

El Paso’s housing market is thriving, with affordable prices and properties selling quickly. The city’s proximity to the Mexico border and a U.S. Army installment keeps the real estate market active. The low unemployment rate and strong economy make it an excellent market for flipping houses.

4. Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville saw a surge in housing demand during the pandemic, leading to a rise in property prices. However, the city’s average property price remains relatively affordable, and the housing inventory remains high. Property prices in Jacksonville are predicted to remain stable, making it a top market for flipping houses.

5. Charlotte, NC

Charlotte is one of the hottest housing markets in North Carolina, with high demand and stable property prices. The low mortgage rates and high median household income contribute to the city’s attractiveness for real estate investors.

Funding Your Flip In 2023

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Flipping houses with can be a profitable investment strategy, but finding the right properties in the right areas is crucial. By employing effective strategies like using online marketplaces, working with real estate agents, attending foreclosure auctions, and building a network, investors can increase their chances of finding suitable properties to flip. Additionally, considering factors like population growth, economic stability, and property conditions when researching neighborhoods can lead to successful house flipping ventures.

The top five cities mentioned in this guide offer strong housing markets and ample opportunities for house flipping in 2023. With thorough research, careful planning, and access to financing options like those offered by Pacific Equity & Loan, investors can achieve success in the world of house flipping.

Doug Thaler

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