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Florida home mortgages have so many options that they are difficult even for your banker to keep track of. Mortgages come in all sizes and variety from a conventional single family purchase with 20% down to 3.5% down FHA and no money down 100% financing for our veterans.  

Your best sources of current mortgage information is at CambridgeHomeLoan by speaking with a loan officer. Our lenders stay up to date on the myriad of loan options. Discussing your financial situation and goals are as important as filling out a complete application if you are to find the home of your dreams at the rates and terms that make sense for your family.

The rates on the homepage show the national mortgage rate averages. Every county in every state can differ slightly.

  Once you fill out a completed application and we understand you goals we can explain the loan products that best fit your situation.

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If you need help with the application contact 800-826-5077 or email and let us know a convenient time time to contact you and discuss your loan.

Your mortgage will most likely be with you a long time so finding an affordable loan product that lets you purchase the home of your dreams is our goal as much as yours. 

Using the application link below you can get a pre-qual letter, qualify for a purchase or refinance your existing mortgage.

The Florida market is always filled with opportunity.  With new homes going up all over the state to foreclosures and estate sales Florida is a boom market for real estate. Whether you are a first time home buyer or buying fix and flip homes you can find the real estate product that fits your need in Florida. 

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Your first step may be to use our calculator page to calculate how much of a mortgage you can afford to pay.  The mortgage calculation will take into account your current income and expenses including auto, credit cards and any other required payments that you have. Once you deduct that from your income than you know what you have left for your mortgage payment which may include the loan principal, interest, insurance and taxes.  You will still need money to pay for your home expenses and will want a cushion for any eventuality. A Florida home mortgage can be flexible and include low and no money down options.

Some examples of Florida home mortgage programs today are the FHA 3.5% money down program, a VA no money down loan program, loans with higher down payments lower interest and closing costs affording a much lower monthly payment.  Whatever your budget it is your loan officers job to find the mortgage product that fits best.

Once you find the right loan and locate your dream home you may want to “lock in” your rate. Locking in your rate allows you to be assured that the rate that you expect is the rate that you have once you close on your home.  

The more questions you have answered by your loan officer and the better educated you are on Florida mortgages the more comfortable you will be in closing on your new home and the more confident that you are getting the best rates and terms to fit your needs. 

Your #1 Florida Home Mortgage Resource.

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