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Ground Up Construction and Rehab Loans
Built for Real Estate Investors

Whether you buy and hold, fix and flip, or build to rent, has the capital for your investment needs
The nations #1 Lender for Fix and Flip and Fix To Rent and ground up Investment Loans
Fix & Flip Loans 90% LTC and up to 100% of fix up costs.

New Construction

Construction loan

Loans for builders with shovel-ready lots or teardown projects. Spec houses or model homes, infill, teardown, or subdivisions.

Up to 90% LTC, 75% LTV

Loans from $100k to $250Million
12,24,36-month term options

Non-recourse available

Interest-only loans, paying only on drawn funds
Ground Up Construction Loans

Build to Rent

Loans for builders looking to build and retain the property as a rental. Save time, money, and headaches using our Build2Rent® products.

Single property and portfolio loan options

Fast, simple closings on both the construction loan and rental loan

13, 19, 24-month term options for the construction

5, 10, 30-year term options for the rental loan

Non-recourse available

Bridge Plus

Free up working capital with bridge financing on completed new home inventory or for model homes.

Fast closing

Exterior valuations*

No prepayment penalty

Up to 80% LTV

Non-recourse available

13, 19, 24-month term options

Single loans and portfolio blanket loans is the number 1 ground up construction lender for developers, investors and for owner occupied borrowers building their dream home. Are you looking for Ground Up Construction Loans to build a spec house, primary residence, PUD or Vacation home. Regardless of the state of the real estate market, builders and developers need capital to fund their projects.  Ground up construction loans are closed fast providing up to 85% of the ground and 100% of the construction.

Borrower Ground Up Construction Loans

FNMA Conventional Construction Loans
• One-time close
• Owner occupied 1-unit
• Interest-only during construction
• Primary residence
• Up to 95%

FNMA Construction Only Loan
• Two-time close
• Interest-only during construction
• Up to 15-month build time
• Up to 90% LTV

FHA Construction Loans
• One-time close
• Owner occupied 1-unit
• Interest payments can be made by borrower or builder
• Up to 96.5% LTV

VA Construction Loans
One-time close
Owner occupied 1-unit
• No payments for buyer until build is complete
• Up to 100% LTV

Cap Rate Advantage Program
• One-time close
• Available for conventional, FHA, and VA
• Up to 12-month build time
• Borrower must qualify for capped rate (above market rate)
• Borrower can have ability to reduce permanent rate with certain criteria met

Non-QM Construction Loans-DSCR Construction Loans
• One-time close
• Up to $2M
• Primary, secondary, and investment properties
• Interest-only during construction
• No mortgage insurance required
• 85% LTV

Private Construction Loans for Builders and Developers

 ground up construction loan is a type of loan we provide to builders who are planning a new residential or commercial building project. These private money construction loans are for business purposes and are for builders and developers who will later sell or refinance the property once it’s completed.

The Benefits of a Ground Up Construction Loan for You

The main benefits of private construction loans from hard money lenders like cambridgehomeloan are speed to close and flexible underwriting.

As traditional lenders, banks require prospective borrowers to go through a long and arduous application process which can often take several months to conclude. Conversely, private loans from a business like our own are asset-based and require far less documentation and time to process. Where banks take months, we usually close and transfer funds in the span of a couple of weeks.

Due to circumstances in the market, the construction industry is constantly fluctuating. Banks find themselves bound to strict loan guidelines. Hard money lenders like cambridgehomeloan can structure deals that are mutually beneficial to both borrower and lender. We have found that greater flexibility usually results in better outcomes for everyone involved. Moreover, lenders like ourselves can adjust our draw schedules and adapt our offerings as the situation demands.

How the Construction Draw Process Works

When you receive a construction loan from cambridgehomeloan, funds are disbursed in “draws”. We coordinate these draws with the different phases and financial requirements of the building process. In a majority of cases, we fund up to 75% – 80% of the land at purchase and then 100% of the construction costs.

During the underwriting phase of the private loan, builders and developers provide us with the scope and budget of the project they’ve planned, how it breaks down into phases and the cost of each of these phases. We call this the draw schedule.

As each phase is completed by the builder, we order an inspection from a third party who visits the property and verifies that the agreed-upon work has been completed. Once the inspection report is issued, we reimburse the borrower for the amount that has been outlined. In total, the entire process typically takes no more than 3-5 business days.

What Distinguishes Us As Private Construction Lenders

Whether you’re a builder, developer,first time home buyer, or real estate owner, you want to work with a lender who can act quickly, close quickly, and issue funds backed by their own capital. A hard money lender like cambridgehomeloan can make the entire loan process easier and more straightforward for you.

We pride ourselves on our high degree of transparency. In our business, it’s all too common for lenders to advertise interest rates that they don’t actually offer in lending situations. Before all parties move forward, always issue a clear and concise term sheet that outlines the terms of the loan.

Being intimately familiar with the Bucks County, PA area, we have the local touch other lenders lack. With our understanding of the market, we move faster, nurture stronger relationships and save you time and money in the end.

Unlike other lenders, we never charge an upfront fee before we approve your loan. Apart from an appraisal, which is customary for borrowers to pay, we do not ask for any money upfront.

Get a Ground Up Construction Loan from cambridgehomeloan

Call us today at (800) 826-5077 to discuss a private construction loan. 

Our team will speak with you to learn more about your current project, budget, and plans for the future.

At cambridgehomeloan, our team makes ground-up construction loans easy for real estate investors and developers with quick closings, flexible underwriting, and the utmost professionalism.

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Commercial Value Add Loan

    • 1-500+ properties

    • Single-family, 2-4 units, condos, townhomes, multifamily

    • 5yr, 7, 10 and 30 year terms

      • Up to 90% of cost

    • Up to 100% of rehab

    • Up to 75% of completed value

    • $70,000 – $100 million

Fix To Flip Home Loans

    • 1-500+ properties

    • Single-family, 2-4 units, condos, townhomes, multifamily

    • 12 To 24 month terms

      • Up to 90% of cost

    • Up to 100% of rehab

    • Up to 75% of completed value

    • $100,000 – $100 million

Multi Family Fix and Flip or Fix and Hold Loan

      • 1-50+ properties

      • Multifamily, condos, student housing, 
      • mixed use w/ majority residential

      • 12, 24 mo., 5,10,30,40 year terms

      • Up to 100% of cost

    • $1M – $50M

      • Bridge, Construction, Permanent, Refi.
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