Hard Money Lender In Florida

Hard Money Lender Florida Benefits:

  • Up To 90% of the Purchase Price
  • Up To 100% of the Rehab.
  • Close as fast as 5 Days!
  • Fix and Flip Loan Florida
  • Multifamily Loan Value Add+Stabilized Loans

Fastest Hard Money Lender Florida!


Hard Money Loan In Florida
Custom Built for Real Estate Investors

Welcome to CambridgeHomeLoan, where we redefine your real estate investment experience by providing top-notch Hard Money Loans tailored to meet your unique needs in the dynamic Florida market. As the leading Hard Money Loan lender, we bring a wealth of expertise, efficiency, and flexibility to the table, ensuring that you can seize opportunities and achieve your financial goals with confidence.

Fix To Rent Loan Florida

    • 1-500+ properties

    • Single-family, 2-4 units, condos, townhomes, multifamily

    • 5yr, 7, 10 and 30 year terms

      • Up to 90% of cost

    • Up to 100% of rehab

    • Up to 75% of completed value

    • $70,000 – $100 million

Fix and Flip Lender Florida

    • 1-500+ properties

    • Single-family, 2-4 units, condos, townhomes, multifamily

    • 12 To 24 month terms

      • Up to 90% of cost

    • Up to 100% of rehab

    • Up to 75% of completed value

    • $100,000 – $250 million

MultiFamily Loan Florida /
Commercial Real Estate

        • 1-50+ properties

        • Multifamily, condos, student housing, 
        • mixed use w/ majority residential

        • 12, 24 mo., 5,10,30,40 year terms

        • Up to 100% of cost

      • $1M – $250M

      • Bridge, Construction, Permanent, Refi.

Key Features of Our Hard Money Loan Program in Florida:

Fast Processing and Funding in 3-5 Days:

Time is of the essence in competitive real estate market of Florida, and at CambridgeHomeLoan, we prioritize your urgency. Benefit from our swift processing, with funds ready for deployment within 3-5 days. This rapid turnaround empowers you to capitalize on time-sensitive opportunities.

Up to 85% Loan-to-Value (LTV) for Purchases:

CambridgeHomeLoan provides real estate investors in Florida with the advantage of securing Hard Money Loans with an impressive Up to 85% Loan-to-Value ratio for property purchases. This high LTV ensures that you can maximize your investment potential.

80% LTV for Refinance:

Enhance your existing real estate portfolio with our Hard Money Loans offering up to 80% Loan-to-Value for refinancing. This feature allows you to leverage the equity in your properties strategically.

Cash-Out Refinancing Features:

Access liquidity tied up in your properties with our Cash-Out Refinancing features. CambridgeHomeLoan’s Hard Money Loans provide the flexibility to unlock capital for additional investment opportunities or other financial needs.

Hard Money Loan

hard money loan

$75,000 - $250 MILLION




Fix & Flip Loan

bridge loan

$75,000 - $250 MILLION




Rental Investment Loan

bridge loan

$75,000 - $250 MILLION




How Hard Money Loan in Florida Helping Real Estate Investors?

A hard money lender Florida provides a type of bridge loan that you can use to buy or refinance real estate. These loans can also be used for projects such as renovations and with a value add component. Like a multifamily value add where you are purchasing and rehabbing a multifamily property to add value.  

Hard money loans are asset based which means it is backed by the real estate asset itself instead of being strictly relying on a borrowers credit or employment. A good private fix and flip lender and hard money such as CambridgeHomeLoan.com will provide a competitive fixed interest rate and terms that help you succeed on your path to real estate success.

cash out refinance

Fast Approvals

Streamlined Underwriting

Approval in 24 Hours

Close in as little as 3 days

Hard Money Lender Florida

Easy Process

No Appraisal Required

Tax Returns Not Needed

No Minimum Credit Req.

Hard Money Lender Florida

Reliable Partner

In House Capital

30+ Years of Experience

Direct Private Lender

Top 6 Advantages of Hard Money Loan in Florida

1. Fill out an application
2. Provide Minimal Documentation
    a. LLC and/or borrower information
    b. Title Company Desired
    c. Insurance Agent Contact info
    d. Contact for inspection or appraisal 
    e. Copy of your drivers license
3. Sign Disclosures and schedule funding date!

4. Hard Money Loans Are Approved And Funded Quickly

5. Financing With Hard Money Has Fewer Requirements 

6. Provides Funding For Projects That Cannot Be Financed Elsewhere are perfect for Hard Money Loans.


The Florida real estate market is one of the most profitable in the U.S., despite the high prices and demand for properties. This below will explore the best real estate markets in Florida for different investors and investment property types. This in no way reflects the only prodcut type doing well in that market just the highest and best use for the most return in that market.

Some locations have it all, great returns and opportunities for investment, Initially I will highlight some areas that excel over others for specific property types in the Florida Markets.

  • MiamiBest for long-term and short-term rentals, Fix and Flip investments and Rental portfolios
  • Orlando Metro: Best for traditional investors – Fix and Flip Investment, Rental, Hospitality
  • Clearwater: Best for Airbnb properties
  • Fort LauderdaleBest for projected appreciation
  • Jacksonville: Best for investors on a budget, new investors and fix and flip
  • Tampa: Best for first-time investors, multifamily investors, fix and flip investors and rental portfolios
  • Orlando Sub Markets: Best for fix-and-flip investors, hospitality and rental portfolios

    *The list above just highlights some of the highest rates of return in their perspective category. Regardless of the area of Florida today you can see the growth. New companies moving in, housing going up all around and a booming economy. This coupled with Florida being a vacation travelers paradise make investing in Florida real estate a lucrative venture.

Hard Money Lender Florida

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Commercial Real Estate Hard Money Loan. Great Rates! Fast Close!!

Hard Money Loan Application

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Fix and Flip Loan Florida, New Construction Loans, Cash Out/Refinance in Florida

CambridgeHomeLoan.com should be your first choice when it comes to private, bridge or hard money lenders in Florida. We have been working with Florida real estate investors in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Broward, Dade, Colliers and Palm Beach counties for years. However, as of 2000, we now offer our quick-close hard money lending program to the entire state and since 2001, Nationwide. If you’re searching for hard money loans for first time fix and flip or experienced investors, you’ll find them right here.

We provide 12-month, interest-only bridge financing for the following programs: Fix and Flip, New Construction, and Cash Out/Refinance. We also offer term rental loans for buy and hold investors in Florida.

Hard Money Lender Florida, Hard Money Loan Florida, Bridge Loan Florida!

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