Hard Money Lender Tennessee

Hard Money Lender Tennessee Benefits:
* Up To 90% Of Purchase, 100% Of Rehab
* Close As Fast As 5 Days!
* Fix and Flip Loan, Fix To Rent Loan
* Multifamily, Commercial, Investment Real Estate  

#1 Hard Money Lender Tennessee


Hard Money Lender Tennessee
Loans Custom Built for Real Estate Investors

Whether you buy and hold, fix and flip, or build to rent, cambridgehomeloan.com has the capital for your investment needs
The nations #1 Lender for Fix and Flip and Fix To Rent Investment Loans
Fix & Flip Loans 90% LTC and up to 100% of fix up costs.

Fix To Rent Loan

fix and flip loan pennsylvania
    • 1-500+ properties

    • Single-family, 2-4 units, condos, townhomes, multifamily

    • 5yr, 7, 10 and 30 year terms

      • Up to 90% of cost

    • Up to 100% of rehab

    • Up to 75% of completed value

    • $70,000 – $100 million

Fix and Flip Loan

    • 1-500+ properties

    • Single-family, 2-4 units, condos, townhomes, multifamily

    • 12 To 24 month terms

      • Up to 90% of cost

    • Up to 100% of rehab

    • Up to 75% of completed value

    • $100,000 – $100 million

MultiFamily Loan /
Commercial Real Estate

      • 1-50+ properties

      • Multifamily, condos, student housing, 
      • mixed use w/ majority residential

      • 12, 24 mo., 5,10,30,40 year terms

      • Up to 100% of cost

    • $1M – $50M

      • Bridge, Construction, Permanent, Refi.


fix and flip loan programs


*Up to 90% of the Purchase
*100% of the Rehab.
* Closing as fast as 5 days!
* Fix to Flip or Fix to Refi .
* 30 or 40year DSCR loan

dscr loan program


*Up To 85% LTV
* Cash Out Refinance
* 15-30 Day Close!
* No Income Required
* No Employment Required

rental loan


* Cash-out & Refinance
*30 or 40 year loan..
* Closing 30 days!
* Up To 85% LTV

construction loan


*Ground Up Construction
Up To 85% Of Land
* 100% of Construction
* Builders and Developers!


hard money loans made easy

CambridgeHomeLoan.com is #1 hard money loan lender Tennessee. We have gained our reputation as the fastest hard money loan lender in multifamily loans and bridge lending because we know how critical each day is in the competitive Tennessee real estate market.

Hard Money Lender Tennessee

hard money lender fort washington

Commercial Real Estate Hard Money Loans Tennessee.
Great Rates! Fast Close!!


Hard Money Lender Tennessee Loans 
Are Loans Approved And Funded Quickly

No Income or Employment Required


Funding For Projects That Cannot Be Financed Elsewhere

100% Of Rehab Dollars Provided

Fast Close!  As Fast As 5 Days!

Fix and Flip, Fix To Rent

Commercial, Investment & Multifamily Value Add


Hard money loans are generally short-term loans, lasting from 1,2 or three years. You use them as a quick way to get money for a purchase. However, you wouldn’t want to keep one of these loans for an extended period because interest rates for hard money are typically relatively high. 

CambridgeHomeLoan.com takes an active part in helping our customers achieve their long term goals. Fast closings and refinancing into better rates when it matters.

Feel free to contact us with your loan scenario at 800-826-5077.

CambridgeHomeLoan.com From ground up construction, spec houses to fix and flip and fix to rent home loans. When you want to get your price and close in just a few days to easy rehab draws that can help you get your project done on time and in budget. 

Give us a call today with your project outline and we can give you the possibilities.

Hard Money LendersTennessee

CambridgeHomeLoan.com brings more than 27 years of experience to your  real estate projects in Nashville, Knoxville and Memphis Tennessee. By utilizing a hard money loan with CambridgeHomeLoan.com, you won’t need to worry about your credit or put a large amount of money down upfront. Instead, with our high leverage loans, we will assist you with each step of the loan process quickly and simply to make sure you get your funds quickly and easily to begin your Tennessee investment venture.

What are Hard Money Rental Loans in Tennessee?

A hard money loan is a short-term loan that is backed by the real estate and not your creditworthiness. Instead of focusing on your FICO credit score, CambridgeHomeLoan.com  focuses on the real estates after repair value. This value is essentially your asset that is then used to estimate what the property is worth. As a borrower, you will not need to put a large amount of money down as a deposit upfront as you would in a traditional loan that you might receive from a Tennessee bank.

Other Benefits Of a Hard Money Loan in Tennessee
* Fast Closings – As Fast as 5 days!
* Lower FICOs ok
* No Income or Employment Required.
Have you already found a good real estate deal in 
Tennessee and want to close quickly? Then a hard money loan may be perfect solution.

Some investors have trouble getting funds because they have a large number of outstanding loans, but at CambridgeHomeLoan.com there are no asset limits. If you have already been turned down by a Tennessee bank because there is a rehabilitation component to your project or you need time to tenant up and increase the value of the property than a Hard Money Lender is the solution CambridgeHomeLoan.com  will provide up to 90% of the purchase and 100% of repair cost.

Other Tennessee Investment Property Loans with the #1 Hard Money Lender Tennessee


Private Money Investment Property Loans We Provide | Private Lenders In Tennessee

Fix and Flip Loans-> We fund up to 90% of the Purchase Price and 100% of the Repairs. We allow up to 100% CLTV.  These loans are designed specifically for investors who are interested in rehab and renovations to a fixer upper that you’d like to then sell for profit. Allowing our clients to bring nothing but closing cost to the table! This is just one of the reasons that we are one of the top hard money lenders Tennessee

New Construction Loans-> For Builders and Developers. We fund up to 85% of the ground and 100% of the construction costs.

Rental Property Loans-> Our landlord loans are great for buy and hold investors. Our program allows our clients to grow their portfolio faster. Investors can pull out up to 80% of the appraised value, even if you owned the property for just a week. We do not verify income either, because we care about the property cash flow, not our clients. These are called DSCR loans or Debt Service Coverage loans and only look at the assets ability to repay the loan. We have 30 and 40 year options as well as interest only.

Multi Family Loans/ Mixed Used Loans-> Our program consists of minimal down payment for multifamily apartment real estate investors looking for apartment rehab loans. We do not have a DSCR requirement for our multifamily rehab loans.

Up to 85% LTC, 90% CLTV and 100% of rehab funds.  This exclusive loan program for apartment buildings provides you with the flexibility and leverage to profit on Multifamily & Mixed-use investment opportunities that may need rehab or low occupancy. We also offer a 30-year loan program for investors looking to cashflow their property long term once stabilized.

Commercial Property Loans-> We provide private commercial hard money loans for commercial real estate investors. We provide loans up at 75% LTV for our commercial bridge loans and commercial rehab loans. We offer 70% LTV and 80% CLTV on our long term commercial hard money loans at a 30-year amortization with a 30 year term. A commercial hard money loan is a good alternative to traditional bank financing when time is of the essence or borrowers don’t meet traditional guidelines for whatever reason.

Airbnb Financing->Vacation Rental Financing – We provide our buy and hold investors Airbnb loans for their investment property. 30-year fixed rate up to 75% LTV. We know the struggle with financing Airbnb properties that is why we came up with this loan option for our Airbnb hosts! Buying a house for Airbnb is easy with CambridgteHomeLoan.com

#1 Hard Lender Tennessee
Up To 90% Of Purchase, 100% of Rehab!

About Tennessee real estate market overview


Tennessee is the home to mountains and lakes, small towns and booming cities. From the Home of the Blues in Memphis to the Appalachian Mountains near Pigeon Forge, there is something for everyone here.

With a population of approximately 6.7 million and growing, Tennessee is already a sizable market for renters. Estimates from the University of Knoxville suggest it may add an additional one million residents by 2040 — that’s a lot of newcomers looking for places to live.

Some of the motivations for people moving to the Volunteer State include beautiful landscapes, temperate weather, and no state income tax. And it maintains one of the lowest costs of living in the nation.

With a median home value of about $305,000 across the state and below-average property taxes, Tennessee offers an affordable market to investors buying into a desirable and growing Aarea.

What are the 5 best markets in Tennessee to invest in real estate? The best areas for Fix and Flip Opportunities, Rental, Multifamily and Ground Up Investments.

1. Knoxville Tennessee #1 Place in Tennessee to invest. 
2. Memphis Tennessee
3. Nashville Tennessee -Fast growth, good vacation rental opportunities, increasing rents and population.
4. Chattanooga Tennessee
5. Johnson City Tennessee -Best up an coming city to invest.


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