Hard Money Loan Lending Solutions in Fort Lauderdale

The loans that are known as hard money provide a form of financing that is not offered by banks or other institutions. Many lenders offering hard money offer fast funding with affordable rates of interest.

The borrower must conduct an extensive background check on the business of the lender as well as their credit history. But the hard money lenders could provide a significant advantage when you’re trying to fund your real property investment.

Hard Money Loan Fort Lauderdale FL
Hard Money Loan Fort Lauderdale FL

Fort Lauderdale is a good option for investing in real estate. In comparison between 2000 and now, there was an increase of 9% in the value of real estate. Fort Lauderdale is the fastest-growing real investment market for real estate.

Our Hard Money Loan features:

  • RATES STARTING AT 6.99 * %*+
  • POINTS AS LIGHT AF 1.50. 1.50
  • LTV UP TO 90%
  • There is no penalty for pre-payment.
  • NO TAX RETURNS OR Verified INCOME DOCS are required.
  • LENDING AVAILABLE across the nation for commercial loans
  • A 30 Year Rental Program , with rates starting at 5.49%

Quicker approvals: Investors are able to be pre-approved for a hard money loan within one to two days, if they provide the necessary documents. Hard money lenders are mostly focused on the fact that the asset has an acceptable market value and the equity of the borrower is at or above 20 percent. In contrast to conventional loans which can last for up to one month to complete, financing could be completed in as short as a week. It is essential to inquire about hard-money lenders’ time to fund.

Flexible payments: Private lenders provide greater flexibility in modifying your repayment schedule. This flexibility isn’t available when you deal with an institution that is large in size. You’ll be required to accept the terms of payment set by the bank. It is possible to talk with an individual lender and negotiate a repayment arrangement that is mutually beneficial to both of you.

There are less requirements: There is no need to meet all of the stringent conditions for getting the loan you receive from any financial institution. The approval process for banks can be a hassle and it’s not a secret. A hard money lender in florida is unlikely to put you in this position. It is likely that you will be granted the loan if you have an asset of high value that is at minimum 20% equity.

Zero prepayment penalties: You will not be penalized for prepayment when you pay the loan in full prior to the date of maturity. Prepayment penalties aren’t typically assessed by fix-and-flip lenders. If you have excess money and you want to pay off your loan earlier, you will not be penalized.

Credit history is not an important issue for large lenders, your credit score can have a major impact on the likelihood of being granted an loan. Private lenders do not place a lot of emphasis on credit scores that are not good. Private lenders make loan approvals based on the equity of the borrower and the value of property. These requirements are crucial to ensure that you stand a the chance of getting a loan.

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