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Hard Money Lender is New Jerseys #1 hard money lender, financing real estate investments up to $50 million. We have gained a reputation as the fastest hard money lender in New Jersey because we know how critical each day is in New Jersey’s competitive real estate market.

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Property Types

Lending Parameters

Loan Size $100,000 to $50,000,000
70–90% of the Purchase Price
Rehab Funding
Up to 100% of the cost
Up to 75% of the ARV
12–36 months
First Lien; Second Lien as additional collateral only
Interest Rate
1–3% of the loan amount

Counties Covered lends in the following counties in New Jersey:

  • Bergen County
  • Burlington County
  • Essex County
  • Hudson County
  • Mercer County
  • Middlesex County
  • Monmouth County
  • Morris County
  • Ocean County
  • Passaic County
  • Somerset County
  • Sussex County
  • Union County

Why Use a Hard Money Loan

    1. If you need to close fast. While applying for a loan at your typical bank may take months for them to review your loan application, offers the same day fix and flip | fix to rent |hard money loan approval, and we can fund within 5 days.  In an emergency situation for current customers, we can even fund a deal in 1 day!


    2. If the property isn’t stabilized. Many times, it’s not just a question of time, but it’s the actual property or asset that you are purchasing that a traditional bank just will not finance.  Some examples include a property that requires additional funds to rehab, ones that are missing a Certificate of Occupancy (CO), or others that do not have a strong rental history.  Hard money lenders such as will be able to fund the property when a bank can’t.


    3. What if I have poor credit. understands that there are events  in peoples lives that negatively influence their credit score. Therefore, we are mostly concerned with the value of the real estate asset, rather than debt-to-income ratios when considering funding a loan. FICO still does play a roll but not nearly as much.


    4. What If don’t want to take a loan in my personal name.  A traditional bank is most likely to require that your investment property be owned directly by the individual they are making the loan to.  This is a liability risk to any investor. Setting up a property in an LLC. is just good business sense and whether you are buying your first property or your fiftieth, setting up an LLC. helps protect you from a myriad of pitfalls if one were to occur. Obtaining a hard money loan to acquire your property in an LLC. will help you protect your assets for the long term

Hard Money Fix and Flip and Fix To Rent Loans
90% of Acquisition | 100% of The Rehab!
Interest Only!  5 Day Close!!


Why Choose A New Jersey Hard Money Lender

Our principal moved to New jersey back in 1998 and although we now lend nationwide, takes pride in their roots and the success that the New Jersey real estate markets brought to us. Being a local New Jersey hard money lender and understanding the various cities and township in New Jersey  allows us to move quickly and overcome obstacles that many other lenders cannot. For example, we understand many of the rent regulations and permitting in the various markets.  We understand the continued development of Hoboken, Weehawken and Jersey City as well as the Fix and Flip boom going on in Ocean County. We can help our clients take advantage of some of the best investment real estate returns in the country that exist right in the New Jersey markets.

Financing your New Jersey Investment Property

New Jersey is a robust real estate market that offers close proximity to major cities and job markets such as a New York City and Philadelphia. The state has a very strong underlying economy, and major resident industries that consist of  pharmaceutical, financial services and life sciences, a big technology presence and transportation infrastructure.

As a result, the New Jersey real estate market is extremely vibrant and offers excellent opportunities  for investors to maximize their returns.

New Jersey’s premier hard money lender is here to help you succeed profitably in this competitive market. is an asset-backed Lender Focused on Customized Solutions

With our knowledge of the New Jersey fix and flip market, is able to work out and structure creative solutions that fit your hard money financing needs.  We fund loans based on the value of the asset so in some cases we were even able to finance more than 100% of the purchase price and rehab amount. can also provide your take out financing in the form of a 30 year loan or a portfolio loan  for investors with 5 or more properties. These loans today start in the low 3% range.

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What Are The Top 5 Investment Real Estate Markets To Invest In New Jersey Today!

Top 5 Best Real Estate Investment Fix and Flip Markets in New Jersey Today!

Smart Real estate investors are always on the lookout for the best new opportunities in the investment real estate and housing markets. Savvy investors from experience know that it is not a good idea to focus all of their investment properties in one location , and often invest in multiple areas and even in multiple states. If you are or have been considering  investing in the New Jersey market, below are just five markets that would be a good starting point to invest in New Jersey real estate.  It would be wise to engage with local realtors and wholesalers to discuss your investment plans and use them for their local expertise.

While seeking out your investment properties in the New Jersey markets,  try to locate homes or buildings that are located near bus or train lines that lead to larger cities if you are looking to buy and hold or rent year round.  The majority of the job markets are in New York City, Northern New Jersey and Phily.  There are plenty of opportunities for those who are looking for an air B and B or  vacation rental strategy along the New Jersey coast, as well. When buying in the northeast which is a competitive market, a local realtor will be extremely helpful to finding the best investment properties in New Jersey.

The Weehawken New Jersey Investment Market

Weehawken New Jersey has been consistently growing and accommodating the overflow from Hoboken for a while Now. The median home value in Weehawken is $768,000 compared to a surprising median home value in Hoboken New Jersey of $712,300. Weehawken is far less-crowded than the 1 square mile that makes up Hoboken and Weehawken has way more room for growth. Weehawken’s location is just across the water from New York city and ensures that there will always be demand for rentals. Home values here just like in New York City continue to increase. The commute and employment markets from here are fantastic and the biggest drawback is inventory and the amount of competition.  Finding deals in this market is tough.

The median rental rates in Weehawken New Jersey are $3,269. That is 81% more than the average New Jersey median rents, so even though homes are expensive there is value to be had and an ever increasing demand.

Asbury Park Investment Real Estate – Monmouth County New Jersey

Asbury Park New Jersey has benefitted from the increasing interest in the Jersey shore vacation rentals. This area amazes me with its great beaches, entertainment and boardwalks  and still immature real estate market. Asbury parks residents are made of approximately 80% renters, with the year-round population staying relatively flat. The real value in investing in Asbury Park real estate will be found in renting to people coming to the beaches on vacation.

The home values for Asbury Park have been going up 15.8% year over year, with an additional 7.7% expected in 2019 and 2020.  The average rental rates have gone up over  12% year over year to $1,668.

Moonachie New Jersey Investment Real Estate 

After being hit hard by Hurricane Sandy, Moonachie has begun its comeback. Now is the time to scoop up more affordable properties, with median home values only $365,000 but on the rise. It’s close to NYC, but average rents are only $1,395. The moonachie job market is primarily industrial in nature. Industrial vacancies have been shrinking in Moonachie while warehousing jobs have been growing. The need for rentals is strong here.

Jersey City

Jersey City median home values are $481,900, a rise of 8.5% year over year. It’s a hot rental market, with a lot of new development, and over three fourths of the city’s population rents. It’s close to NYC and competes with Hoboken for the same renters but also has a thriving business community of its own.

The population in Jersey City has shown consistent growth over the past few years, and while it hasn’t shown job growth this is less important for real estate investors due to the number of people who call Jersey City home but commute to work elsewhere.

Cherry Hill Investment Real Estate -Camden County

Cherry Hill attracts renters and buyers priced out of the Philadelphia and NYC markets. Median home values are $269,800, much lower than other cities in New Jersey. Average apartment rents are $1,396 and the area has some of the best schools in the state. The commuter job market is strong and the fix to rent model works great here.

Cherry Hill has been hit hard by foreclosures in recent years, however for an investor who buys low and sells high this presents an opportunity. If you have the money to buy and hold, you could eventually realize a tidy profit.

The Best County To Invest In Fix and Flip and Fix To Rent Properties in New Jersey is Ocean county
The highest profit margins in the fix and flip and fix to rent markets in New Jersey can be found in Ocean County NJ

With hard money and private equity loans and great leverage available Ocean County New Jersey is a boom for real estate investors in New Jersey. 
More information on investing in Ocean County New Jersey can be found HERE!   The #1 County for fix and flip loans in New Jersey!