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fix and flip home loans

Here are some of the loan types that can help you with. These are by no means all of the loan types we have available so feel free to call 00-826-5077 to speak with a loan officer today.

  1. Fix and Flip Loans:

    • Purpose: Short-term financing for purchasing and renovating properties for swift resale.
    • Features: Short repayment terms, high-interest rates, often based on the property’s after-repair value (ARV).
  2. Commercial Real Estate Loans:

    • Purpose: Financing for income-producing properties such as offices, retail spaces, and multifamily units.
    • Features: Variable interest rates, amortization periods typically ranging from 15 to 30 years, loan-to-value ratios vary.
  3. Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) Loans:

    • Purpose: Loans for income-generating properties where the property’s cash flow must cover debt repayment.
    • Features: Lenders assess DSCR to ensure property generates sufficient income to cover debt payments.
  4. HUD Loans (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development):

    • Purpose: Loans for affordable housing, healthcare facilities, and multifamily properties.
    • Features: Fixed or variable rates, long repayment terms, government-backed, low-interest rates.
  5. Hard Money Loans:

    • Purpose: Short-term, high-risk loans for real estate investments.
    • Features: Asset-based lending, quick approval, high-interest rates, typically used when traditional financing is unavailable.
  6. Bridge Loans:

    • Purpose: Short-term financing to bridge the gap between the purchase of a new property and the sale of an existing one.
    • Features: Higher interest rates, shorter terms, quick funding, used for transitional periods.
  7. Construction Loans:

    • Purpose: Financing for the construction or renovation of a property.
    • Features: Disbursed in stages, interest-only payments during construction, converts to permanent financing upon completion.
  8. SBA 504 Loans (Small Business Administration):

    • Purpose: Long-term financing for small businesses to acquire commercial real estate.
    • Features: Fixed interest rates, long repayment terms, lower down payment requirements.
  9. Mezzanine Loans:

    • Purpose: Subordinate financing that fills the gap between the senior loan and the equity in a real estate project.
    • Features: Higher interest rates, greater risk, used to increase leverage.
  10. CMBS Loans (Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities):

    • Purpose: Pooled loans packaged and sold as securities in the secondary market.
    • Features: Fixed-rate, non-recourse, often used for large commercial projects.
  11. Jumbo Loans for Business Owners:

    • Purpose: High-value loans for business owners seeking substantial financing for commercial real estate.
    • Features: Large loan amounts, tailored terms, suitable for high-value properties.
  12. Multifamily Value-Add Loans:

    • Purpose: Financing for acquiring multifamily properties with the intention of implementing value-enhancing improvements.
    • Features: Capital for renovations, potential for increased property value and rental income.
  13. Ground-Up Construction Loans:

    • Purpose: Financing for the development of new construction projects from the ground up.
    • Features: Funds disbursed in phases, interest-only during construction, conversion to permanent financing.
  14. Mobile Home Park Loans:

    • Purpose: Financing for the acquisition or development of mobile home parks.
    • Features: Tailored to the unique considerations of mobile home park investments, variable terms.
  15. Multifamily Stabilized Loans:

    • Purpose: Long-term financing for stabilized multifamily properties with consistent cash flow.
    • Features: Lower interest rates, longer repayment terms, suitable for income-generating properties.
  16. Rental Portfolio Loans:

    • Purpose: Financing for investors with a portfolio of rental properties.
    • Features: Consolidated financing for multiple properties, potential for improved terms based on portfolio performance.

Loan terms and features can vary based on full underwriting and specific project details, emphasizing the importance of consulting for tailored advice in real estate financing.

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