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Making An Offer On Your Home


What is the best strategy to make an offer on a home.

Should I Try To Lowball My Offer

  • This is one of the reasons to have a real estate agent and mortgage lender. When determining how much you want to offer on your home your mortgage lender will let you know how much you qualify for and your agent will give you a realistic range if you are serious about closing on a purchase. The sellers agent is obviously trying to get the homeowner the highest price. An experienced real estate agent will let you know the best way to negotiate the best price for your home. If you are serious about wanting the house, there are many cases today that houses have multiple offers and you might lose the opportunity to close if you lowball your offer.

Things To Consider When Making An Offer

  • How is the current market in the area where you are buying?

    Every market is different. Even from state to state, neighborhood to neighborhood and even block to block home values and activity can vary greatly. Don't be fooled by friends and neighbors. Listen to everyone's advice and feed it to your real estate agent. They have the tools to see the activity in each area and determine how much flexibility you might have with an offer. They can also query the selling agent and get you some inside info.
  • How long has the property been on the market? The longer a property is on the market the more chance that the owner will drop their pricing. They may have already moved and do not want multiple mortgages. In many cases sellers cannot close on real estate they are trying to purchase until they sell so if their property has been on the market a while you will have a greater chance of negotiating the price.
  • What is on the property inspection report? Be prepared to go back and forth a few times before a final sales price is reached. Remember, everyone’s agent has different goals. Once an offer is finally accepted, your next step is to order a property inspection.

    An inspection is performed by a licensed property inspector who will physically inspect the home from to bottom looking for any structural issues, broken or cracked windows. Do the faucets leak? How is the hot water heater? Do the light switches work? The inspector will go down a list of nearly 300 different issues.

Minor issues such as a light bulb that needs replacing isn’t a problem. Noticeable cracks above door jams are and could indicate some serious foundation problems. Others, such as a deck that needs some attention or there are some carpet stains can cause you to renegotiate the sales price or have the sellers fix whatever needs fixing. 

If there are issue that cannot be resolved, your agent will make sure there is working in your contract that allows you to cancel the offer.

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