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Top Reasons For Hard Money

The top reasons investors use hard money loans:
Here are the Top $ Reasons to use a Hard Money Loan for your real estate investment business.

1.     Speed: Time wasted is money wasted. Real estate investors need money for their investments on their timelines! We know real estate moves quickly, so should your funding! Our application takes less than 2 minutes to complete. With hard money loans, real estate investors can get approved the same day, and funded in as little as 12 hours. This is perfect for real estate investors looking to get an investment project started A.S.A.P

2.     No Credit Checks: Hard money loans are perfect for investors looking for fast and flexible funds. Hard money loans are asset-based making them easy to approve and fund! This saves investors precious time and speeds up the underwriting process faster than ever.

3.     No Red Tape: Getting funding for your real estate investments isn’t easy. Other lenders make you jump through all kinds of hoops before they tell you to know.

With a hard money loan, it is approved or rejected based on the property value, and after repair value. We are real estate investors too, so we know the ins and out of the industry and the real underlying asset of the property. Because hard money is all asset-based, we won’t run credit or background checks, so a hassle-free application and funding.

4.     Money When You Need It: With a Hard Money loan you can get the funds when you need it.  Whether gap funding, financing renovations or not wanting to pay for a flip out of pocket, hard money loans can be used for any project.

Real estate investors know how important it is to get the funds your investment needs when you need it. Apply for your hard money loan in two clicks or less! Apply here and get approved for your hard money loan!


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