First Time Home Buyer Bradenton

First Time Home Buyer Bradenton Benefits:

*As Low as 3% Down!
* VA First Time Home Buyers Zero Down!
* FHA Loans 3.5% Down
* HomeReady Loans 3% Down
* Seller Concessions Allowed


Bradenton Florida’s #1 First Time Home Buyer loan. Helping borrowers in Bradenton Florida qualify for the best First Time Home Buyer loan Bradenton to meet their borrowing requirements. Some First Time Home Buyer loan programs in Bradenton Florida are backed by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). These popular first time homebuyer loans require lower minimum credit scores and down payments to make it easier to qualify.

First Time Home Buyer Programs
Bradenton Florida has a number of First time home buyer loan programs from simple W2 employees to full 2 year tax returns, self employed loans, Non QM loans and more with low down payments and fees. Contact us today to craft the loan that best fits your needs. Some qualifications below.

FHA First Time Home Buyer and HomeReady Program Terms

  • A credit score of at least 580 for a 3% down home loan
  • A credit score of 500 to 579 for a 10% down payment
  • FHA loan with 3.5% down payment requirement
  • Mortgage insurance that is offset due to lower FHA interest rates than a conventional loan.
  • FHA Debt to income ratio of 50% or less

Qualify for a 3% down Home Loan in Bradenton Florida. Use this application to pre-qualify and start shopping for your new home in Bradenton Florida today! Purchase, Refinance, Cash Out Refinance.

Contact us to find out what the loan limits in the county you would like to purchase in. Call now 800-826-5077. 

Prequalify now to see how much of Loan you can qualify for. 

Benefits of Being A First Time Home Buyer In Bradenton Florida

Home loan flip application

First Time Home Buyer Bradenton

Things To Do In and Around Bradenton Florida

  • The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature (Planetarium, aquarium & history museum)
  • DeSoto National Memorial (Living history, shore & nature trails)
  • Robinson Preserve (Natural setting for biking & picnics)
  • Gamble Plantation Historic State Park (Antebellum mansion with surrounding park)
  • Florida Railroad Museum (Interactive exhibits & locomotive rental)
  • Mixon Fruit Farms (Playground, farm store & citrus treats)


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Bradenton is a Florida city on the Manatee River, south of Tampa. The South Florida Museum has natural and cultural history exhibits. It also encompasses the Bishop Planetarium and Parker Manatee Aquarium. The nearby Riverwalk park stretches along the water. Galleries, studios and shops occupy colorfully restored 1920s and ‘30s cottages in the Village of the Arts.

Schools in Bradenton, FL

Manatee High School
902 33rd St Ct W · +1 941-714-7300

Manatee County School
215 Manatee Ave W · +1 941-708-8770

Southeast High School
1200 37th Ave E · +1 941-741-3366

first time home buyer bradenton
Bradenton has a mix of urban and suburban, offers many parks and places to eat, and schools are good. The weather, beaches, and diversity are all excellent, although the cost of living is average. If you look at this overall score alone, you would have to say that Bradenton is a good place to live. Not just Bradenton, we are serving all of First Time Home Buyer Florida market.



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