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DSCR Loans The Power of DSCR Loans


Build your real estate investment portfolio faster with The Power of DSCR Loans. High leverage purchases, High leverage refinance and cash out refinance. Use our capital to cash out and build your real estate Portfolio fast.

DSCR Loans and The Power Of DSCR Loans

DSCR Loans Explained 

Debt service coverage ratio loan

  • Based on the cash flow of a rental property and the loan payment
  • No tax or personal income documents needed
  • Much easier to qualify for than traditional mortgages
  • Covers all types of rental properties
  • Build your rental portfolio much faster

DSCR Loans Are Fast & Easy

  1. * Faster closing times
  2. * No income or job history
       verification required
  3. * Unlimited cash out
  4. * As little as 20% on down payments
  5. * Interest-only loan option available
  6. * Both long-term and short-term
       rentals are eligible
  7. * No maximum number of properties
  9. Questions?  
  10. Call Now: 800-826-5077


Build Your Rental Portfolio with s DSCR Loan. Use the cash out from one property for your down payment on another. BRRRR Method of investing in real estate. 

Open a new browser and  Go to

Step 1: Apply

Click on the link above and fill out the application.

Step 2: Submit Proof of Your Properties Income

As your creditworthiness is verified by the income you will generate from the property you are buying; you need to provide proof that your property can cover the mortgage payments. So, provide the needed documents to showcase your property’s income against the loan amount.

Step 3: DSCR Calculation and 1007 Rent Schedule

Once you submit the loan application, your lender will calculate the DSCR ratio, which must be greater than 1, to have your mortgage approved. Moreover, during the appraisal the lender will require a 1007 Rent Schedule to know the property’s fair market rent and ensure the property can sustain the mortgage with market rents.

Step 4: Closing

DSCR loans do not need information about your financial history; the application and closing procedure is considerably faster than those for other types of mortgage loan programs.

Once you are approved for the loan, you will be provided with the interest rate, monthly payment, and the closing costs. Once agreed, you will go through the underwriting process, sign the final documents and close the loan.

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