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Cash Out Refinance and Your Home Equity

Equity and Your Home, A Hidden Asset?

The equity that you have established in your home may be one of your best assets, you just may not be aware of the value, and many individuals and home owners don’t realize what they can do with this hidden asset.  In fact, there so many uses for the equity that is hidden in  your home that this article is only going to cover a few of the most common.

A cash out refinance mortgage loan  allows you to withdraw only the amount of money that  you’ll need up to the excess equity in your home for various home-improvement projects, to start your own business, or even to finance a prospective buyers purchase or vacation home.  The additional equity in your home can be a withdrawal for investment purposes, 401(k) retirement plans, or debt consolidation.  What you choose to do with the equity in your home, can eliminate higher interest rate credit card debts and convert that interest to a tax-deductible year end savings for you. 

Many consumers simply are not aware of the benefits of refinancing or a cash out refinance mortgage of their current and existing mortgage.  For some, the fear of the loss of their home will outweigh any benefit that might be had from the use of the equity, and for these homeowners refinancing or a cash out refinance mortgage  not be an option.  For the more informed consumer, a cash out refinance mortgage option may open many doors, and provide a growing family with  needed room, a larger living room, or even an extra bedroom, or more.

If you have ever given thought to the possibility that there is a more profitable use for the equity in your home you are more than likely a candidate.  Exactly how to invest that money for the greatest amount of benefit will depend largely on your personal and individual financial situation; it is at this point that you may want to seek the advice of a financial adviser, or possibly a tax planner.

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Let’s take a moment to discuss the different options you have with the withdrawal of the equity in your home: a cash out refinance will provide the consumer.  A mortgage refinance or cash out mortgage refinance is simply is simply the process of paying off your current home mortgage typically for a lower rate or to take out the excess equity in your home to use for other purposes. The interest rate can be an adjustable rate which is based on the prime interest rate plus the lenders additional interest margin or a fixed rate mortgage based on a fixed rate of interest for a specific period of time.

One of the upside of mortgage refinance is that many times the mortgage refinance rate is much lower than the original mortgage-rate. Remember that  mortgage interest is completely tax-deductible and may provide an advantage to home owners.

There are lots of  possibilities you tap into the equity in your home? The uses of the money are as varied as the homeowners who borrow the money.  Many times the homeowner will use the equity to improve or expand on the size of their homes or value of the home.  Other times, the homeowner needs to use the cash or equity to finance college educations, or maybe that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to start their own business.  Regardless of the end use of the equity, there is no safer bet than the equity you build in your home.

Often, a homeowner begins to look at the equity asset when he or she begins to approach the mid-point of the mortgage life, or a point in their life where it makes sense to evaluate how better to use the excess cash that is available to them sometimes vs a loan. 

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It is often during this phase that the financial benefits of using this equity outweighs the option to leave the equity in the home.

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